Corpus Prime

This is designed for professional who work long hours and have difficulty making multiple appointments that would be required through traditional chiropractic care. Specifically customized for individual needs from head to toe, a complete body work. This is an intense, specific and thorough workout of the entire body, addressing both troubled areas and those that Dr. Joly encounters during treatment. Corpus Prime combined with the specific Gonstead full spine adjustment and full body Active Release Technique (ART) to break up scar tissue and adhesions; this can include auto accidents from years ago. It finished with Dr. Joly performing a therapeutic massage to help facilitate, comfort and heal.

Off site care available. Call for pricing.

Sinus and Allergy Protocol

Designed for those who suffer with seasonal, or chronic, allergies or sinus infections. These painless,specialized treatments are often described as exhilarating and instant relief. They are focused on the specific anatomical areas that impede our bodies from naturally fighting the environmental variables that ultimately preclude patients from enjoying quality time and a quality life.

Thoracic pART

This service is for those who are affected with asthma, chronic headaches, rib pain, and acid reflux.

Thoracic ART is uniquely designed to alleviate suffering from numerous ailments by addressing not only spinal subluxations, by methodically treating adhesions, years of scar tissue, and muscle spasms.

This treatment is completely unique to our office. It was developed by combining elements of Active Release Technique, Gonstead Adjusting, and Okazaki Massage. Dr.Joly utilizes his skills acquired over the past 30 years to help alleviate the suffering that people have endured despite years of over the counter and prescription medication.

Experience what taking a deep breath feels like and watch your body heal as nature has intended.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This treatment option is carefully designed and integrated to reduce symptoms immediately for those with a busy lifestyle. Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) and other repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are not only common with our increasing reliability on technology, but they have become part of our culture