Lower Back Pain
My name is Zyrus Pugal and I am a veteran of the US armed forces. I did not serve in just any branch, I served with the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. I have trained a lot in this division and I have to say, being able to jump out of a perfectly good airplane can do some damage to a body like mine. People think that exiting an aircraft during mid-flight is easy and fun; with close to one hundred pounds of military equipment strapped to a paratrooper’s body before the jump, it is not easy but a lot of fun.

I met Dr. Joly about three months after I was release from the military. My lower back was killing me; but just fresh out of the Army, I tried to blank the pain out of my head. Obviously it didn’t work. Not only did Dr. Joly save me from agonizing lower back pain, he saved me a lot of money. Dr. Joly has been taking care of me since mid January and my lower back pain has decreased immensely. I am able move around and play with my baby daughter without grabbing for my lower back. I can sleep through the whole night without taking any painkillers.

Dr. Joly has done a great deal for me and my family. He gives me great confidence on what needs to be done and what I already do. If Dr. Joly can do this for me, I’m confident he can do it for you. Thank you, Dr. Joly, for helping me out through some tough pain and getting me healthy again.

I had been in pain for three years before I met Dr. Joly. The horrible pain ran from my neck, down my shoulder and chest to my back. I went to three different doctors who found nothing. I even had an MRI taken and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. The pain was not letting me do the simplest things like picking things off the floor.

In August of 2006, my son, my sister and I went to the Fremont Art and Wine Festival. I stopped at Dr. Joly’s booth for a free back screening just to see if he could figure out what was making me hurt.

I told Dr. Joly what I was feeling and had the screening done on my back. I told Dr. Joly about my pain. He was the first doctor to ever rotate my shoulder and find the pain. After a few adjustments the inflammation was gone.

Now, my back feels better than ever before. I used to need assistance to stand up and it would take a while before I could even stand straight. Today, I feel 100% like myself. I am very glad to have stopped for a screening and received the help I needed from Dr. Joly.

Dr. Joly is here to help you too!

-Tina Sarmento

I’m a swimmer and water polo player. Imagine how difficult it is when you can’t lift your right arm. I went to Kaiser and the Doctor prescribed pain killers and other pills. That didn’t work, then I went to physical therapy, where I was given exercises. Even though it hurt, I did them. They didn’t work either. Then I went to an orthopedist but my teammate was headed to surgery and I didn’t want to do that.

I was frustrated and very worried. My mom recommended that I see Dr. Joly. He did an examination on my shoulder, neck and back. After the first visit I was able to lift my arm to my shoulder. Now I can lift it over my head without any pain. I am amazed. No surgery, no drugs.

Now I am ready to compete for league title in swimming in the spring. Dr. Joly, I say “Thank You for all your care.”

I first met Dr. Joly in 2003, while suffering from severe back pain which had immobilized my body. I was 21 years old. My back pain was brought on mostly as a result of cerebral hemorrhage that had occurred when I was 9 years old.

Although, I had survived the damage of the hemorrhage, I’ve suffered from a weakness on one side of my body. Because of it, the left side struggled to overcompensate for what the right could not provide.

The pain in my back arrived unexpectedly, surging through my back and debilitating me, leaving behind salty tears because I felt so hopeless. More tears had arrived when I went to seek help through medical professionals, who looked at me with disdain, wrote out a prescription for painkillers, and recommended that I start exercising. I tried to explain that I would have loved to exercise, but could not even make it out the door. I was seeking a remedy.

Clinging to all chances of recovery that existed, I took slow awkward steps into Dr. Joly’s office, and presented my case. I knew little about chiropractic, but was willing to try anything to see a result. After offering a smile and a friendly handshake, he optimistically assured that he would see me to recovery, and began educating and healing me right away. He didn’t judge me, but understood my pain, and it wasn’t long before I saw results. The adjustments created a feeling of euphoria inside me, and it was something I hadn’t felt in a while.

I have had such a positive experience from Dr. Joly and all of his staff. They are very friendly, and yet they remain professional. I am so thankful to have found a staff of people who care so much about my health and helped me to take care of myself. I would encourage anybody who is struggling with pain to see Dr. Joly, for he is a man who will embrace and heal you.

Thank you, Dr. Joly, Lili, Samantha and Van

-Sasha Sayers

When I was in college in 1995, I injured my knee. Not thinking about it, I did not seek medical treatment. The result was that since then I have had to deal with persistent periods of pain from time to time. I basically had to “grin and bear it”, sometimes with pain medication. Going into 2006 changed how I had to deal with it.

At a New Year’s Eve Party, I twisted my same knee while dancing. I did not notice the pain at first, but by the time I got up the following morning, it began to bother me. It got to the point where I could not walk. I dealt with it the best I could with some pain medication, but it had little effect. By early evening I was in excruciating pain and I ended up in the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

A doctor took a look at me, prescribed pain medication, a leg brace to keep my leg immobile, and crutches. Then, he sent me on my way. Again, I thought I would have to go through the same scenario of “grin and bear it” but when I saw Dr. Joly things were totally different.

Some days later, I began to see Dr. Joly on regular sessions for my back. He asked me what had happened to my leg. I after I told hem about my knee and my experience, he told me he could help ease and improve the condition of my knee. I said to myself, “why not?” and allowed him to do so. After working on my knee the first time, there was an incredible decrease in pain (with no medication). A series of treatments later, the pain was gone. It has been over a month that the recurring aches to the knee have stopped. Thanks to Dr. Joly’s sincere care and medical talent, a lot of pain has been off my back (knee included).

Fred Omaque

First of all, I have to say it’s about time I get published in this newsletter. I’ve known Joe (Dr. Joly) since the 3rd grade and was one of his first patients. I must say, having known Dr. Joly all this time, it’s no surprise to me that he’s had such fabulous success in building his practice, and more importantly (to me anyway) relieving my lower back pain and giving me back my golf game. I originally injured my lower back years ago in Wrestling during high school. Since that time, I’ve seen no less than 7 different chiropractors. I’m a big guy and I can tell you that all chiropractors have a difficult time adjusting lower backs on big guys like me. Dr. Joly’s technique ensures a great adjustment every time. That’s something I couldn’t say for most of the chiropractors I’ve seen in the past.

1As you can see by all the certifications on the walls in the office, Dr. Joly takes his work very seriously and he’s continually learning new techniques and refining (or should I say perfecting) those techniques he practices every day. I don’t hesitate to send ANYONE I meet to Dr. Joly if their experiencing some sort of back, neck, etc problem. Maybe you want to gain 20 yards on the golf course or maybe you just want to get rid of whatever pain is nagging you. Whatever you need, I’m sure Dr. Joly can help you too.

Thanks Joe!
-Erik Johnson

Barb Boasts : “Dr. Joly is the best!”

Imagine sitting in a surgeon’s office and being told that you have 3 herniated discs in your neck and surgery is the only answer – but without a guarantee that after surgery, the problem will be corrected and you will feel better. On top of that you are in excruciating pain. No prescribed medication seems to help. Now imagine being told that you must “be very careful when you drive, because if you are in an accident and bumped from behind, you can wind up in a wheelchair”. Then, before you have a chance to digest all of the information, you are scheduled for surgery (fusion) within the next few weeks. This is my story, and it was very overwhelming.

Thinking back, I recall a time when I could barely move. The entire left side of my body was agonizing. As a very visible real estate agent, I found it impossible to walk every day and distribute my newsletter. And as a wife and mother, my family didn’t know what to think. I could no longer do my normal everyday things. My personality had changed because of the pain. I became difficult to live with. Bottom line- I was miserable.

A very dear friend of mine had been seeing Dr. Joly, and kept telling me how she felt much better after her visits. Deciding to explore all my options, with surgery as the very last, I called his office.

From my initial visit, I had developed great confidence in Dr. Joly and his staff. They were sensitive to my pain, and their professionalism and care had given me the piece of mind that I had been looking for. He explained all procedures that would be done prior to performing them. I told him that I was nervous, and (bless his heart) he managed to put me at ease. For the first time during my ordeal, I felt like someone really cared and that I really mattered. I remember walking out of his office thinking, “this Dr. is going to help me”, and the rest is history. It didn’t take long for the pain to go away, and for the “old Barb” to return.

I am now back doing my everyday things, without any thought to pain whatsoever. I continue my visits on a regular basis, and I am grateful to be able to do the things that, at one time, were virtually impossible. I can play ball with the kids, walk and distribute my real estate flyer, and even sit at a desk for 8 hours. All without pain, and it’s a great feeling.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Dr. Joly and his staff. How can I repay someone who has given me my life back? I can only begin by telling my story, then telling everyone I know “Go see Dr. Joly, he is the best!”